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I just bought this Monstera deliciosa , and want to repot it , what will be a good mix of soil to use ?🤔thank you
10” pot
Last watered 3 days ago
I would wait a few days to repot it. But just a simple well draining mix is good! They don’t mind being a little damp but they don’t want to dry out either
@jcPlantProper I agree!
@ProRockcress As a newbie monstera owner I made a few mistakes. Here's what I learned. Miracle Gro Tropical Soil is a no go. It compacts way to easily and will lead to root rot if not amended with something else. Stick with a nursery pot and put it inside a prettier pot for decor, ceramic pots keep the soil too wet for too long. When you repot, if you have to remove roots for any reason OR if you loose a bunch of roots trying to open up the rootball, consider that when you choose a pot size. If the plant needs to go up in size so you want to repot, but you loose a significant amount of roots untangling and then you still put it in a bigger pot you increase the chances of root rot because the pot is now too big.

I switched to a mix of indoor potting soil, perlite, and orchid bark that seems to work well for me.
Thank you all🙏 🪴I will wait to repot it . I want my plant to thrive and look gorgeous.

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