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Bottom leaves dying #Ficus

My ficus altissima has had its bottom leaves yellow and die one by one - roughly once every 2-3 weeks. The top of it looks pretty healthy though so I don’t know what’s going on. I do the finger test to make sure it’s getting dry before watering and it has its own dedicated grow light.
1ft to light, indirect
7” pot with drainage
Last watered 2 days ago
Best Answer
If you don't see any pests, you are making sure it's not being overwatered, and it doesn't need a repot, it's probably just the life cycle of the bottom leaves.
+1 to @AwesomePlants - it looks crazy healthy to me and if it is just the random lower leaves and it isn’t spreading, totally natural for that to happen - doesn’t mean we have to like it, though πŸ€“
I agree with @AwesomePlants about the lower leaves.
It’s beautiful and looks amazing.
That’s such a relief to hear!!! Thank you all!
Glad it brought you some relief. Stressing about plants is one of my least favorite activities as well βœ”οΈ
@GaryPoopins the HOURS/DAYS of my life staring at plants with a magnifying glass... WORTH IT! 🀣