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Plant identification

I got this tiny plant today and I am not so sure what it is as it is still seedling. Greg identifies it as a Parlour Palm, however, I am not sure and would like to know what others think.
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2โ€ pot without drainage
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Omg is that a solo shot glass??? lol that is the tiniest seedling ever. I like the parlor palm id, but I guess too soon to say for sure.
@BlueButtonSnack just from what I can make out, it doesn't look like a little parlour palm to me . Greg is pretty unreliable especially with limited information eg small plant so you may have to wait and see. However a palm usually has what is called a frond or a fan/feather and that plant does not appear to be showing its leaves this way. So I suspect it may be something else entirely. Hope this helps answer your question. Whatever it is, all the best with it. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜€