Posted 5M ago by @Sierrajelsegood

HELP my bear paw is dying out of no where

Ok so I have a bear paw which has been doing great, lots and lots of new growth, but then all of a sudden as of last night the stems just started dropping over and whenever i touch them all the leaves (which feel healthy) just drop off immediately. Last night it was just one step which i had to cut off but I woke up today to see all of the stems have done it. What do I do?
4” pot with drainage
Last watered 7 months ago
They look like the are t getting enough light, they are stretching and not as compact as they normally are. another problem could be they need water. It says you haven’t watered in a month. If that’s correct it could make the leaves drop.
It really seems like a light issue
Yeah I watered it a few days ago but I haven’t updated it on the app, I also put it in the window with the most light when I started noticing the stretching but it hasn’t really made a difference, I’m going to put it outside, thanks for the help :)