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HELP Why is she so unhappy? She wants to grow branches an...

6” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 month ago
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Avocados are sensitive to chloride and flouride salts in treated tap water. Try catching rainwater or using filtered water.

It took me a long time to figure this out. Ive lost a lot of avos. When I lived on municipal water I started catching rainwater for my avo tree. Now I have well water and it's much easier to keep it happy. I also got her a makeshift grow light (even though she lives in a window) and I don't try to put her out in summer anymore.

Hugo is around 14-15 years old & as tall as my refrigerator. She's ragged due to many mistakes over the years (wrong water, moving in mid winter, sunburn in summer ... if it could be messed up, I did it). She's a survivor though.

Now if only I could just figure out how to shape her up into something kinda restrained. Hugo is unruly, but alive. πŸ˜†
Is she getting enough sunlight and water??
@ashantesymone She in an east facing window and her pot is still heavy.
@CrysDanes Thank you 😊 Hopefully, there’s still time to save her. I had planned on putting her outside but that may be too much at this point.