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When should I repot these?
I got some new plants a while ago. I was waiting for them to get used to their new environment before I repotted them, and I don’t know how long that takes. It’s been about a week and a day since I got them. Should I repot now or wait longer?
can’t speak for the flowering guy but the succulents probably don’t care haha, i repot all my sucs the day i get them! just remember not to water them for one week after the repot.
@strawberrymoon Thanks! I didn’t know that haha 😆
@HKMisawesome np! ^^ also once it gets more into summer where you live, you might want to put those succulents further from the window. the first two are aloes and the last looks like a gasteraloe of some sort, those types will burn in intense sun.
@strawberrymoon Yikes! Thank you, will do. They currently have indirect bright light, I’ll probably move them onto a desk or something soon. The last one is an Easter Lily. The label said direct light so I put it outside.
@HKMisawesome np- and all the best with your plants :D the aloe will be rewarding to have around, they grow fast for succulent standards <3
@strawberrymoon thanks! I’m so excited!

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