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New Aglaonema Crete needs help
Hi! So I bought this Red Chinese Evergreen online, at first glance it looks okay but it arrived with drooping leaves and overly wet soil, slimy stems, soil covered in spider webbing and a fat bellied little black spider that crawled out when I removed the pot. Would love to know what you’d do to get it back on track? I have discarded the original soil and repotted using a a coir pot, in a houseplant compost with selamis, I wasn’t confident to remove the soil in the middle of the root system, it looked like a different medium (a peat-like core, like you sometimes get with orchids). Some of the slimy stem came off to the touch, I’ve left it exposed to the air for now before I add more compost, not sure that’s the right thing to do. I reported it to the seller who gave no advice and sent a voucher to the value of the plant, but I know #Gregsters don’t give up so easily 😀. Would love some advice. Oh, and I haven’t used a coir pot before so any tips there would be welcome too! Thank you
@sarahsalith @Gordo @HoyaAddict any suggestions?
Sometimes that medium right around the roots is dried up and causes hydrophobia so the roots don’t get to absorb the water and then we overwater and it just sits. Maybe pick at it with a chop stick or something to at least loosen it up a bit. Otherwise I think you did all the right things. You cleaned it up, resoiled, repotted. Now put it in whatever light it requires and wait. Good luck 🍀
@Jilliebeanstalk that’s so good to know, esp good tip about using a chopstick to get in there! Thanks so much!
@BriskGalega you’re so welcome
I think @Jilliebeanstalk is spot on! Sometimes plants need to be readjusted and rescues from the terrors of their travels through the post.

Please keep us updated! 😁
The coir pot should help with over watering by soaking up some of the excess moisture, so that was a good decision considering this poor friend looks to have been waterlogged for a while.

You may end up losing more of the stems to the rot that set in before it arrived, but it will fill out in time now that it has proper care.

Hope you found that fat bellied spider!
@tmbryant37 thanks for the encouragement and reassurance with the coir pot. I think you’re right too about the rot, resigned to losing maybe 2/3 of the stems as it looks now, but I have hope that what’s left will make it! Before #greg I might not have noticed, and before the support on here I probably wouldn’t have attempted or even though of any action to save it. Thanks!
@BriskGalega the spider was unlike the house spiders we usually see in London, this one was so compact, black and fat - like a cartoon of a spider! and now outdoors looking for a new home 🤣

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