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What are the best indoor plants that require minimum attention? I'm looking for leafy and greeny plants to start my indoor collection.
Pothos, snake, bird of paradise, monstera. These are some I have and have had luck.
Spathyphyllym (peace lily)
Aspidistra (cast iron plant)
Green pothos
Philodendron mayoi
Philodendron selloum
There are many more
Pothos are SUPER easy!
heart leaf philo or pothos for climbing plants? they can get very lush and leafy if you give them something to climb on! if you have brighter light conditions and want to try succulents, imo kalanchoe grows fast and is more on the leafy side for a succulent. for herbs maybe basil? they smell nice and get big really quick.
edit: here’s a video from one of my fave plant YouTubers introducing some cool plants for new plant parents!
Ooh! What great suggestions! Welcome to Greg, Dude!

I really enjoy my Aglaonema and Chinese Evergreen, too. They are easy-going plants.
::Love the question :: My suggestions
Monstera / dragon tree (if you looking for big plants and leaves )
Snake / Catucs euphorbia (medium sizes )

And remember to choose plants by seeing them you need to feel it and have the connection with the plant πŸͺ΄ πŸ’š
Before you get any plants, you should consider the lighting situation in your room. Without adequate light, your plants will not last very long.

Where's the window? Which direction does it face? How far away will it be from the window? Even the most hardy plants will need light and water at the minimum.

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