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What to do?
I want to make sure I do right by this baby. I have just one other zz plant. I’ve had NO issues with it, but I don’t feel like I KNOW their care too much. This one I rescued today looks pretty sunburned. Should I leave it alone? Should I clip the leaves? Clip the stem and leaves where it’s burned?
The leaves won’t heal or come back from the sunburn so I would clip them for aesthetic reasons
@stryker49 just the leaves? Exposing the stem. Will need leaves grow in? Or clip stem off too?
New leaves…not need.
@Mick1437 Depending on how many leaves the shoot has left that aren’t sunburnt then I actually I would cut the shoot at the bottom and you can put those into water or soil and propagate them. Honestly I don’t think the shoots will grow leaves where you cut the ones off, but I don’t know 100%
I would suggest a little chop and prop, I agree with @stryker49 I would stick them shot in water, I have two in water propagating now and one has some roots. What a shame that ZZ was put in the sun like that, they don't like bight sun 😎 I have all 4 of mine near a grow light and they're thriving 🥰
@Sassylimey my one is actually under a super high skylight. It’s loving that spot. This one was from Walmart, so you know how that goes….

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