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Hi friends! I'm looking for opinions on superthrive. I've heard it mentioned a lot and just bought some. But of course after I bought it (haven't yet used it) I saw a bunch of negative stuff about it actually slowing growth or being plain useless. What are people's experiences using it with watering and water propagating?
It's helped my plants and helped root some plants too
I have some too and I have used it when transplanting plants only, but that’s it. I’m skeptical about using it as well.
I don’t use it anymore. I have used it in the past when I’m repotting or transferring props to soil. I stopped using it because I used it to help prop once roots started & it rotted my roots. Only reason I am sure that’s what it was was I tried it a couple more times in less expensive plants (first one was an albo that thankfully had a spare aerial,) and they rotted too 😨 so ok if you are going to be using with soil to repot or transition to soil - no for propping.

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