Posted 3M ago by @Aml

Dwarf umbrella dropping levees like crazy. First thought it kept getting hit with my dog’s tails but even up higher it’s dropping more. How do I help this little guy!? First pic is about a month ago, second is tonight after a handful of leaves dropped 🫣
6” pot
Last watered 1 month ago
The leaves look healthy, I have found the only way to keep my variegated umbrella tree happy is to have it within a foot of my east facing window. It gets about 3 hours of direct morning sun and then indirect light the rest of the day. Does Robby get any direct sun?
Also I know they can be prone to scale. Have you checked the leaves?
They love light. Mine starts dropping leaves and drooping when I don't give it her own grow light. Possibly put yours on a stool so it can get more light in your window.
@GatherandGrow unfortunately he doesn’t get much indirect, or even direct, light, I only have north and south facing windows which are both covered by awnings blocking some of it. When I got him at the store they said he would do well with little light, but that must not be the case. I’ll try to move him to a different location tomorrow and see how that goes. I’ve never heard of “scale” so I’ll have to look that up!
@AwesomePlants I will see if I can get a light going on it! Would I point it directly onto the plant? This is all new to me haha
@Aml scale would be small brown or black hard “spots” usually on the underside of the leaves.
@Aml I do. I clip it on the pot or stool and rotate every few days. If it's a brighter light, you may want to back it up a bit.

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