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Unhappy Dracaena
I posted about this #Dracaena awhile ago. It looked like sunburn or underwatering so I moved it to a window thats bright but always has the shade down to avoid direct sun. It’s been in the new spot for 3 months but no improvement. Any guesses? I struggle with this plant the most and it’s supposed to be one of the easier ones 🫣 it gets 40%-60% humidity, watered every 10-12 days, has drainage. The tallest one is doing better than the others, if that’s a clue! Has anyone had good luck with a Warneckii? How often did you water it?
2ft to light, indirect
10” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 week ago
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Is it still getting new spots? Mine did that where it got direct sun. Is there any times of day when it still gets the sun on it even through that shade? Too much sun is the only time I would get those same spots on mine. It really does love being in shade and seems to tolerate low light much better than a sunny spot… may need even less indirect light than where it is now. Other than that, it will take help from someone else. I must say, otherwise yours looks very healthy to me.
If it’s not getting any new spots, then I’d say that this placement and the care you’re giving it is good! The damage that’s done can’t be reversed, so it won’t visibly “heal” the spots it already has. It could be an underwatering issue, since there are multiple trees and they’re so tall, but I agree with @AC73LoveCats that it looks very healthy otherwise! A good way to track changes is to cut off the damage that’s already been done, to see if anything new is popping up. This also just helps it look better lol
Maybe cut back on watering? They are pretty drough resistant. I generally water mine ever 2 weeks or so
I agree with Marty about less watering. Mine will take some neglect even; there have been times I have not watered in time and I see no evidence the plants are upset! I agree with Skye about cutting off the brown spots or parts of leaves. That works for me; my plants tolerate that well. I do not cut off the whole leaf, just the brown part or the spots.
@AC73LoveCats @saatwood @Marthamaywho92 thanks for the ideas! It is still getting new spots and brown tips that eventually take over the whole leaf. I trim those that are entirely brown. I just noticed the newest leaves don’t have any spots yet so maybe I’ll give it some more time here to adjust. I had no idea the sun could be an issue through a shade! It’s west facing so it does get bright. I’ll move it back just a bit more and try watering less often. Thanks y’all
I think that is a good idea. I know, it is strange to think there may be too much light for a plant in front of a shade, but your picture looked pretty bright. You won’t hurt it by trying this cause they tolerate low light much better than too bright.
I have a dragon tree, so not the same dracaena BUT for reference it is in a WNW window and only gets sun that is setting through a ton of trees. So second coolest time of day, and filtered. I actually had it on the other side of the window for years and it was happy there, too. But I moved it when I chopped and propped so it had some extra energy for new growth.
@KikiGoldblatt unfortunately not. I don't have one of these plants ☹️

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