Posted 2w ago by @hulia_maria

Saved from wedding
We saved this little guy from a wedding - hate that they painted him! Anything we can do to help him out? Strip the spray paint without harming him? Otherwise I was just going to let him grow the paint out.
I am not sure.....but so curious to find out! I have a echeveria in my rock wall that got scared to hurt him cleaning the paint off.....

Good save though! Hope you get some good info.
I would just leave it. Unless you spray soapy water on it and see?
It will eventually go back to green with more growth. I don’t like seeing painted plants either but i don’t believe it harms them
It looks amazing, I don't think the paint will harm it, is probably just leaf it alone. It's a great conversation piece πŸ˜„πŸ˜
Like others have said, leaf it alone 😌 rubbing the paint off will harm it more than it being on the leaves. It’ll outgrow it with the proper care! 🌿✨

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