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Re-potting new succulents
How should one go about re-potting a new #Succulent, that has come transported in a plastic grow container? I just got this little gem in yesterday, and I don't want to shock it, but I do want to get it in a slightly larger, more appropriate pot. Should I wait a certain amount of time? Should I just slip it out of the plastic and place it in new soil (which should actually be the same as the soil it's in)? Do I try to remove as much of the old soil as possible? Any tips are more than welcome! I'm about to go get a new pot for it, but want to make sure it's truly ready for the move. #newplant #repotting
4” pot with drainage
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honestly, I would leaf it alone. Let it grow for a while. at this moment, that pot is perfect for that plant. The roots are shallow and don't need a lot of space. 

The best thing for your plant is to allow it to rest and grow exactly as it is. You can always find a prettier pot and place the whole thing inside the pretty pot.
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