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Help with my String of Dolphins πŸ₯Ί
Help Greg fam, Tabby my fav SOD hasn't been doing well, I changed her location and she went downhill. So I've moved her to a spot about 12" from an east facing window. She's leggy and her little dolphin leaves are dying 😒 any help and suggestions would be greatly appreciated
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Mine like really gritty soil and a bright window. I strictly follow Greg for watering because I definitely overwatered before.
hey @Sassylimey! hope your having a great day :) i’m no expert but your plant may be overwatered? it’s possible that when you moved her the first time she wasn’t drying up enough between watering? if that’s not the case i would propagate some babies incase it keeps going down hill :)
I have not owned one but they do sound like they can be more tricky to care for that some other succulents. Overwatering may be the issue. I wonder if the soil isn’t drying fast enough
Thank you @naturesbestv she's definitely not overwatered I let her dry out completely before watering, I know SOD's thrive in drier conditions.. Ugh I get upset when my babies struggle πŸ₯Ί
Thank you @SirLiquorice I do let her dry completely, I'll keep an eye on her, she has some new growth so I'll see what happens.
@Sassylimey I noticed they always have them in the greenhouse at the local nursery. Not sure if that’s because they need shade or filtered light or why exactly. I don’t have enough experience with that one unfortunately but always hear they can be a little picky and more difficult. I will see if they have any advice at the nursery if I get to go any time soon again.
You're so kind @SirLiquorice thank you 😊
Amanda, should I add some sand to her soil she's in succulent mix that I put together, her soul drains ok. I'm now wondering if it could be a humidity problem? πŸ₯Ί @MoorePlantsPls
@Sassylimey I really like the rabbit hill farms soilless cactus mix. You could try something like that. To ensure it drains and dries really fast. You may need to water more often but won’t have rot and overwatering issues for sure
I will definitely look into that πŸ‘€ @SirLiquorice
@Sassylimey I don’t think I’d use sand. I don’t think they need a lot of humidity…mine doesn’t. I would use regular soil with added perlite, pumice, leca, etc to help with drainage and aeration. Never water after repotting, wait a few days, put in bright, indirect light (windows) and only water about every 3 weeks. πŸ’š
@Sassylimey I like Bonsai Jack gritty mix soil for my succulents but I know it’s kinda expensive. You can kinda make your own with my info above.
Thank you so much Amanda... I have been making my own succulent mix.. I've been using 2 parts miracle grow moisture control soil, 1 part cactus mix, 1 part perlite and I throw in a little orchid bark. πŸ€” @MoorePlantsPls
@Sassylimey I have sand on top of the soil on mine, it helps keep the dolphins dry after watering for me. Why so far from the window??
@Jilliebeanstalk thank you. Right now I only have a certain amount of window space in my manufactured home, I'm in the process of creating more space in front of my windows. I'll also be getting more grow lighting as winter approaches.
@Sassylimey why not put it outside during the day at least?
Yes, that's a good idea Jillian, I have a sheltered sunny spot she could sit in during the day. Nights are a little cooler now. @Jilliebeanstalk 😍πŸ₯°β€οΈ
More light! 12 feet is too far from a window. These guys need light or they get etiolated. πŸŒžβ˜€οΈπŸŒ€
@Kwanna lol I thought I'd made a mistake in my post, it's only 12 inches from the window

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