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What is one thing you wish you knew about #Begonia before you got your first one?
Hey #BegoniaBunch, curious what you wish you knew before you brought home your first Begonia. A local friend gave me this #PolkaDotBegonia and I’d love to start out on the right foot, er, root.

So far, I brought her home snd repotted her into a terracotta pot with a soilless blend of 50-50 coco coir and perlite, plus a bit of biochar and sphagnum moss, and some added nutrients via kelp meal and neem cake.
5ft to light, indirect
6” pot with drainage
Last watered 5 days ago
Best Answer
Light light and more light! That’s literally it! And then chopping leggy stems to make it come back bushy
If it’s well taken care of, it’ll get smaller white flowers! Also, Pruning is a vital part of a Begonia’s care if you want it to appear as big and bushy as possible. For best results, prune twice a year (once in late autumn during the end of the growing season) by snipping off around 0.6cm from the top of the stem. You should find that it grows outward, not upward.
@R_L15748 interesting & beautiful
I think you did well with her she should be just fine. I never saw flowers on mine though 🤔 I wonder if I need to prune
@Breathepeace I’m thinking that you do based on your picture
@jcPlantProper thank you!! this is helpful!
Yeah! I have one and it’s outside rn and so happy. But inside just light ! They don’t like being alll the way dry cause they’ll start wilting. But they’ll definitely let you know. They also propagate super easily in water
@cjred is the #Begonia expert!!💖 Take a 👀 at his oasis @lazyplantparent !!
@AwesomePlants will do! Thanks for the tip!
@R_L15748 ok well in a few wks when the weather changes I will snip the tips

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