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I’ve only had my String of Pearls a couple weeks, but I’ve obviously already overwatered it (the guy at the nursery told me to mist daily) How do I save it before it’s too late? #StringOfPearls
6” pot
Last watered 1 week ago
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The way that I brought my string of pearls back from the brink of death (only a few good strings left) was to remove it from its plastic pot, cut off every mushy pearl, root, and stem, put it in very well draining soil (mix of perlite, bark, and soil) in a terracotta (or other porous) pot and allow it to dry between waterings while misting occasionally. Also- my pearls seem to need some level of direct sun throughout the day, even if only fleeting. Hope this helps!
Definitely don’t mist daily! They want to dry out. Try to pick all the rotten ones out of you can and make sure it gets bright but not direct light
@jcPlantProper I never mist mine… they seem to be doing ok… 🤞now I jinxed them🥺🥺
I only water it when I feel the soil dry. I soak it plenty. But I also have a terracotta pot. I would also concur to cut the mushy and reroot. Mist it until the roots are well set and then just water as needed. I have the big one in a north facing window and the other ones at an east facing. There is a bush that blocks the direct light so they don’t burn. Good luck and keep us updated.
@FirstCanna such a cute pot for that plant!!
@DecisiveKanna thank you!
@EstheticChosmo I do not mist my SOP, SOT, SOH at all. Remember they are considered succulents. Personally I wouldn't anymore and only bottom water them. Since I killed my first SOP from top watering I took the advice and started bottom. Have not had any problems. It also helps keep pests away keeping the top dry. I will sometimes bottom feed my Philos as well. Pretty cool to see them drink up the water and stop when they are good.
@ShannonMHR bottom watering is essential to string plants I think! My bananas are thriving because I only bottom water them!
@FirstCanna I couldn't agree more. I won't water them any other way. Sometimes I fill the tub add some fertilizer and bottom feed my tropicals
A lot of you are mentioning “bottom watering”… would you mind going into more detail on how to do that? Just yesterday I picked out all of the mushy pearls and repotted with succulent soil into a clay pot that has drainage but is attached to the saucer. I also placed a few 1” granite stones at the bottom, thinking it might help keep the roots from the bottom of the pot if it does happen to get soggy
Every since I started bottom watering my string, it THRIVED. Check out my SOP, it was on the brink of death about a month ago
@EstheticChosmo you literally fill a bowl or whatever you have that will fit the pot and just sit the pot in it. You will see the water disappear as it drinks and then when it's done getting a drink you notice the water not going down anymore. As long as you have drainage ( all pots it's a great idea to have) you are good to go. No mushie String of and no chance of gnats.
My research has indicated that the roots like to stay a little moist all the time in the growing season. The top can be dry. I don’t know if this works but if the other suggestions don’t help in a couple of weeks it may be worth a try.
Do not I REPEAT do not mist your succulents!! Or any of your plants! Succulents do not thrive in humidity and misting them is a sure fire way to rot them. Misting all together isn’t recommended because it causes rust, mold, bacteria growth, etc. hope this helps💕

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