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Black leaves???
So I just noticed that Thalia has started to get black leaves… what is this? Help!! 🥹 #HappyPlants #PlantsMakePeopleHappy #SucculentLove #PlantLove
2” pot with drainage
Last watered 3 weeks ago
Best Answer
Black leaves can mean root rot, which means it might be over watered. Do the leaves feel squishy or mushy?
@Mrgncrch yes… 🥺
@Mrgncrch I’ll check for root rot 😞
I’m so sorry! Funny coincidence though- my sister is named Thalia 🤗
@Nightshade cool!
@Mrgncrch there was a little bit of root root but not a tremendous amount. Will the leaves go back to their normal color?
@Rintintrinn not unless you repot immediately while trimming away the rot.
Be sure to spray the roots with a mixture if hydrogen peroxide and water to kill the bacteria before repotting.
@Rintintrinn the best thing to do and I might be a little late in responding is trimming the rotted off and cleaning the roots with water and hydrogen peroxide, you can untangle and get as much old dirt away as possible and I learned this all the hard way I’ve killed my last 3 succulents 😩 the best is to repot into fresh soil to get rid of the old bacteria and maybe into a 4’’ pot if the roots are substantial enough, I left mine in a pot that was to small for to long and overwatered and they didn’t make it ☹️
@Rintintrinn yes I agree with @Mrgncrch as well.
@Rintintrinn if I were you (I have had to do this A LOT sadly) after taking ut out, cleaning it, cutting the rot off, and giving the basic first aid, I would let it sit out and air dry for day or more. I had to let my elephant plant dry out for 4 days once bc I couldn't figure out the proper soil mix and amount of watering. I still make this oopsie and honestly my plants never heal fully or properly if they didn't sit out a d air dry. This is just me though, my opinion. You do what you feel is best♥︎ good luck and don't worry it happens to the best of us (especially me lol)

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