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When to remove?
This mama succ had little baby buds when I got her at the store. Her buds are not so baby anymore and are sprouting roots. When to I pluck them off? Also, if someone could identify the succ that would be nice #WhatTheSucc #babysucculent
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This looks like a sempervivum to me. The chicks should be big enough to just pinch them off, nestle them on some damp soil, and let them grow roots. Keep the soil damp (but not soggy) until they root, which shouldn’t take too long (a couple of weeks, probably). These guys are tough as nails—sempervivum means “live always”—so they should root for you easily. Then each baby will grow and make more babies. There are many types and colors of these, so they’re addictive to collect! They love to be planted outdoors, where they will live in even harsh winters. They will look brown and dried out during the winter but spring will renew them with vigor. Try tucking some of your babies into rock gardens, rock walls, and even unconventional planters—I’ve seen them growing in conch shells!
looks like some variety of Hen and Chicks.

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