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Help poinsetta is dying
Help, poinsetter needs help
I’m not quite sure but my mother-in-law has hers on the front port he in a shaded area and they are doing well. Maybe it’s getting too much direct sun? @sarahsalith @KikiGoldblatt Any ideas?
Hey, @Esmeralda - thanks for the tag.

Judy- The plant does look sunburned. I have my poinsettia outside on the west balcony but underneath the table. It gets lots of bright light in directly and is shielded from the sun.

The plant just seems to be struggling and if it could get some shade and have a chance to regroup, I'm sure that it will have great new leaves in the future.
@sarahsalith thx Sarah & Ezzi for your ideas! This plant was inside until now, near a window. Now it is on a covered porch! Hopefully it will perk up! Here is a picture from today, taken before and after I pulled the dead petals!
@Judybaps keep us posted. (:
@sarahsalith ok, I will! Thank you!

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