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Browning progresses
I moved her away from a direct light spot couple weeks ago when she developed some browning on the edges and since then pushed out a new leaf; i cut out the previous browning part on that side but it just keeps progressing on the variegated side only; i also noticed slight yellowing hueues on the green part but im asuming its from pushing out the new growth?
β€’ The brown is soft (bends with the leaf)
β€’ Gets watered only when soil is dry (i have a moisture meter)
β€’ Has a humidifier right next to her
β€’ Gets the brightest indirect light in the house
β€’ No sign of any pests

Is repotting on the table? When i got her the person said she wouldnt need repotting bcs of how big her current pot is but i dont think the soil is draining enough maybe..idk im grasping for straws but so far a a week in and her new leef seems perfectly healthy
#Monstera #MonsteraMob
12ft to light, indirect
6” pot with drainage
Last watered 4 months ago
Best Answer
Leave as is and cut back watering
A bit of root rot. Dont give so much humidity to an albo if there is a humidifier provide airflow as well.
@cjred ok, cutting watering to an absolute minimum; should i dig out the roots and remove the damaged ones or leave as is?
I am experiencing the same thing with my Pink Princess
Indeed that’s a root rot, brown Welty edge is a root rot symptom, please increase your watering schedule, and if it’s a variegated one, is the new leaf is loosing its variegation?
And since you have a moister meter, are you testing multiple locations or only one place? Make sure you are testing different areas of your pot
@Dems I agree with @cjred, leave it as it is and cut down watering, you can mist the leafs while you are cutting the water to let the rotted part drie out
@Hmoursy the new leaf barely has any variegation; specks here and there but i assumed its tonproduce more chlorophyll to make up for the other one being half variegated one (idk, logic though it might not be the case)
I do test on multiple spots and depths but im definitely cutting water entirely for the next few weeks
Ill keep the humidifier though as we use ACs to heat up the place and the air gets dry (its about 54% humidity currently)
@Dems I’m not quite also expert with variegation logic, but when a variegated plant loses its variegation that’s a sign of lack of light, also the root rot happens when the water stays for a longer than usual because the water is not being consumed in the photosynthesis process.
The plant shall consume water well when the right light conditions are met.
@PinkPrincess @dems I wouldn’t panic just yet. The variegated parts of both of your plants contain significantly less (or even no) chlorophyll. It’s totally normal for these parts of the leaves to die off before the non-variegated sections. My all pink PPP leaves die within a week or so of unfurling.

It’s also not abnormal for a plant to put out a less variegated leaf after a half-moon one. Scaling back on water by 1-3 days isn’t a bad idea, but I don’t think this is reason to repot.
@Kiersten omg ok this makes sense and makes me feel much better! Thank you for the help and explanation!!
@Kiersten thank you ao much for this! I am keeping an eye on it though and im thinking it should be fine because it already has new growth starting to develop! ✨

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