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What is the white stuff on my cactus

The pests that cause the white fuzz are called mealybugs. If you spot white fuzz on your cactus plants, you're most probably dealing with a pest infestation. As the population of these bugs grows on your cacti, they gather and group together.

Mealybugs can be treated by pruning, and dabbing a rubbing alcohol soaked cotton swab on the infested areas.
Just as @KikiGoldblatt says πŸ₯² mealybugs
Oh no ! Definitely keep this away from your other plants!
@KikiGoldblatt Can this happen from Mealybugs with succulents as well?? @YesMum I hope you don’t mind me adding a question onto your question
Thank you!!!!
@LilMsGreenThumb yes, any plant can get them. They are very common on cacti and succulents.
Good luck!
@PolishDill Thank you ☺️
Welcome to Greg, Sarah! Sarahs are the BEST!

Bust out the rubbing alcohol!! I keep alcohol in a spray bottle and whenever I see those little buggers, I start spraying.

Keep treating your plant every other day for about three weeks, so you know you've gotten them through their life stages.

Like @jcPlantProper said: keep that plant away from other plants, but it looks like those bugs have settled in for a while, so you'd better check the other plants to be safe.

Rubbing alcohol can burn your plant if it's in the sun so I like to spray on a warm day when the sun has set.
agree with @sarahsalith !! also it might be good to note that while it’s possible dilute the alchohol, higher % will evaporate faster if you have to spray when the sun is out :) nighttime is still better tho

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