Posted 4w ago by @BetterCarobtree

Brought this home today because it looks like my life rig...

6” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 week ago
Oooh. You’ve got a hill to climb with that one.

The soil looks pretty moist. I think the best chance that plant has is to remove it from the soil and let it dry. It’s been really overwatered.

It might not make it. 😬 Can you take a picture of the middle of the plant at the top?
Lots and lots of patience! The right soil, pot with drainage, of course and lighting. All the things you already know. And East facing window if you have one? New soil and good digs will do a diva good.
PS… JMO, but this plant does not look overwatered. It looks very under watered with the curled leaves. I would cut the clear and concise terminally ill leaves off. I would not cut more than two. And this is only based on my experience. I have my mother’s aloe, she is approximately 30 years old. I almost killed her, lol. Nobody’s really laughing… I turned her around and she is a shining beauty now. Her leaves are full and firm, she has nice sharp spikes, and her color is finally consistent and beautiful. Much luck and love to you.
Do NOT water that thing too much..