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Plant ID?
Greg says it's a pearl echeveria, but it doesn't look like the pics.
3” pot with drainage
Last watered 2 weeks ago
I do think this is a pearl echevaria, it’s just a leggy one that may need some more direct sunlight.
@SirLiquorice thoughts?
It looks like that might be correct, but it’s very leggy. The long growth like that happens when the plant isn’t receiving enough sunlight! You can leave it like it is, or chop n prop it if you don’t care for the length. πŸͺ΄πŸ’š
@NewGrowth should I leave it outside permanently or just for a few hours each day?
@didyoueventry I see you live in Florida, which should have perfect weather for it all year round. Because it is so leggy and not used to direct sunlight, it is best to slowly acclimate it by taking it outside to a shady spot for a few hours each day and gradually work it up to full sun permanently. It should be a great time to do so with fall upon us.
I also agree with Skye that it also may be a good idea to chop and prop it if you don’t like the long stem, eventually those bottom leaves will fall off and it will be bare. But it’s also quite unique if you like the look!
@NewGrowth I actually live in a part of Florida that gets to 25⁰ during winter. Should I still take it outside or would the cold damage it?
Do you have any more pics of it? It is harder to tell since it’s stretching for the light so much. Some images say it’s a ghost plant and some say Crassula Falcata when image searching. But might be able to tell better with more pics. It could very possibly be a pearl echevaria but more pics might help.
@didyoueventry oh no! Please excuse my lack of geographic knowledge! Keep it inside once temps drop below 65 or so degrees.
@saatwood what does chop n prop mean? I've never heard of that before
@SirLiquorice It's directly by my window in a spot with no shade. How many hours outside does it need?
@didyoueventry it’s where you cut part of the plant (in this case, it would be the stem) and propagate the cutting to grow a new plant. Propagating succulents is a little different from propagating (or β€œpropping” as it’s sometimes referred to) non-succulent plants, like a pothos. But propagating just means growing a new plant from a cutting of another!
@didyoueventry does it get direct light there for a good portion of the day? Do you know what direction the window is facing?
@SirLiquorice it stays inside all day. my window is facing southeast-ish

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