Posted 2w ago by @HoneyedCatthyme

What’s going on w/my monstera? The leaves are curling and some are yellowing. I just repotted it 3 days ago. Added orchid bark to the soil. Haven’t watered it since repotting. Any help is greatly appreciated.
It may be dehydrated. Always remember to water the plants after repotting, it helps them adjust to their new soil/pot better
The plant is most likely stressed from repotting. Agreed with @SublimeLychee that it probably needs some water as well. After repotting I always set the new pot in the sink and give the plant a good drink and let it drain before putting it back in its place. Leaves will curl inward as well to conserve water in the plant.

I'd give it some water by bottom watering so you get those roots first then lots of bright indirect light and the plant will most likely bounce back 😊
@jazzyjess I just started bottom watering my plants and I agree it is definitely better to allow them to take in all they can

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