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Please help! It’s dying 😭 I suspect overwatering. The soil was pretty damp so I changed it out and put some more holes in the plastic pot liner but it’s not perking back up. Any suggestions would be appreciated 🙏🏼
11” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 year ago
Is the new soil dry because mine looks like that right before water time
The new soil is a little damp. I didn’t add any water. I was worried the problem was overwatering because when I stuck my finger in the soil it was pretty damp and the leaves felt really soft and limp, not crunchy or dry at all. You think it might be underwatered?
The leaves on peace lilies get super droopy like this when they’re thirsty. I’d try watering it and hopefully in a couple hours you’ll see the leaves improve.
Ok I’ll give it a shot. Thank you all for the input!
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I agree with @GardeningDiva it looks like it might just be thirsty! My moms peacelily is the most dramatic plant I’ve ever seen. The stems on your plant all look healthy, peacelilys just tend get super droopy when thirsty. If you’re worried that it’s overwatering I’d make sure to have it soil with a good amount of perlite to prevent that from happening but they do like moist soil!
It does still look healthy. I agree that more perlite would be good. Maybe water from the bottom if you’re worried it’s overwatered a butt drink would take what she needs
I watered it twice since posting. Still not looking so hot but I’m hopeful! I’ll post another pic if things turn around. Thanks again for the help. Clearly a rookie here 😅
Water it throughly and wait a few hours !
I think that is all you need to do