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Houston, we have a problem…

When I joined this app almost 6 months ago I knew what a Hoya Kerrii and Carnosa were ONLY. And ignorant me was like β€œyeah, that’s a hard pass from me. No thanks. Don’t want one.” And I saw the people with user names around Hoyas and I was like…. 🧐 I don’t understand?!?

Fast forward to my #greggivesback gift card to #plantproper and I discovered there were Hoyas I miiigght like and bit the bullet and got two.

πŸ˜¬β€¦..β™₯️β™₯️β™₯️ In. Love.

I was perusing Lowe’s last week and they had a Wayetti. This week, they had a Pubicalyx Splash. I was perusing a hole in the wall nursery near me, and they had a Black Margin… and I already had two coming in the mail (Krimson Queen and Princess)

What is wrong with me?!? Don’t send help. Send money πŸ’΅ ! But tell me other varieties I should look at!
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Darn you woman @TheOddAsity !! I got hoya FOMO because of you! have 10 hoya cuttings on the way... not including my unique hoyas coming from overseasπŸ€¦πŸΏβ€β™€οΈ #PlantPoor 🀣
Lol! I also was like "nah, gonna pass on Hoyas, yadda yadda..." and then I saw a Rotundiflora online and fell in love with its quirky leaves - rounded rectangles?! GIMME! Just got it in the mail Friday. Super cute! If it had cheeks I'd pinch them!

And then recently a local plant store in my area was having a sale & I fell in love with a pic of the future flowers of the Lucardensiana so I'll be heading out shortly to scoop up one of those babes.

But seriously, I do not have much more room so I gotta stop looking! 😍🀣
@TheOddAsity Oh there’s no resisting the beauty of a Hoya. Which is the lighter one with the veining? That one caught my eye. Is that the black margin?
@ballondusoleil I need to see pics! Please! Rounded rectangles?
Love it! Hoyas are hands down my favorites 😍
🀣 Enjoy!
β€œDon’t send help. Send money!”Hysterical! πŸ˜‚
@Rockrlee your post with the silver splash sent me down the Hoya rabbit hole πŸ˜‚ the front left- with the light green-with the veining (I hope you meant that and it isn’t a typo) in the front on the left, is the black margin. They had it for only $10 😳
@GrownFuchsia I’m sure we all feel that way at times 😏
@FragrantChards I can now see why!!
It is an addiction for which there is no cure. πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈ Linearis, Retusa, Rosita, Latifolia, Bella, Polynura, Wilbur Graves, Lacunosa, Rangsan, Pubicalyx, Sigillatis, Wayetti… and the list goes on.
@TheOddAsity The Hoya bug got me too! πŸ˜‚
1st pic is the one gifted to me, has grown so much that I made this circular trellis for her. (*Currently*my only Hoya. Hopefully my next one in pic #2.
All your new plants have me like 🀩😍!! They need to make an emoji with plant eyes for us folk! πŸ˜‚
@TheOddAsity here's my little Rotundiflora - I named her Mitchie Mee! but here's also a photo from the website I got her from.
Hoya kerrii is my favourite Hoya! Get a vining one though, most places sell them as single heart leafs and they never grow :(
Hoya compacta is a close second, I love the ones with pink variegation 🩷
I feel like these are going to become an addiction- just so gorgeous
@WTHoya screenshot now thanks so much πŸ˜‚
Hoya sweethearts and hoya Kerri are my favorite. If u see them u will fall in love ❀️ 😍
@TheOddAsity can't believe you found a black margin for $10! It's high on my wishlist 😍
@TheOddAsity this was so fun to read. thanks for making my heart smile. @SunnyPlants two votes for the plant-eyes emoji
@StudiousWinika ok, but only some of them. I have little control when it comes to Hoyas. πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈ
@RJG thanks for the tag! I had actually written a nice long answer and then my phone decided I'd been on too long and closed the app before I could post it πŸ˜‚

So, as I was saying April, here are some in my collection that I love and some that are on my wishlist:
-aff. Burtoniae is fuzzy and a super fast grower. The variegated version is on my wishlist.
-cv. Monette is really fuzzy, and so fun
-kentiana is like a longer wayetti, the variegated version is also on my wishlist
-chicken farm is fuzzy and splashy 😍
-retusa, idk why I love a plant that looks like grass but I do πŸ˜‚
-Multiflora (shooting star) is on my wishlist
-latifolia (dinner plate) is also on my wishlist

Feel free to take a look at my oasis, all my Hoya are together (except one that's a prop). Hoyas have always been my #2 so I'm always adding more. They are also so fun to prop that I always have baby pots of starts going πŸ₯Ή
@TheOddAsity 😬The Silver splash is a cutie. I’m still learning what she likes. I really like that front left lighter green veiny Hoya. Thats an awesome price for such healthy trailing plant. Now I’m on the hunt for a black margin that looks just like yours. Down that 🐰 hole. πŸ•³οΈ
@ehery Right? It’s *NEED* at this point! Hahaha (insert plant-eyed emoji here) πŸ˜‚πŸ€©πŸŒ±πŸͺ΄
Hoya retusa SO CUTE
@WTHoya 😍😍😍
I was just at Home Depot with my sister… y’all, they had a 6” 3 quart TRAILING Krimson princess for $19.99 πŸ€¦πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ I just received my little 4” pot for $20. I told her to buy it NOW πŸ˜‚. I’m still ticked. But whatevs. She got a great plant.
@PlantMompy I’m gonna have to take my time and go through all of your oasis. We do need a plant face emoji!!
@Rockrlee too bad you don’t live near me. I would go grab one for you!
@TheOddAsity Aww thank you I appreciate that thought. I have one in my Etsy cart for $15. Of course I have 2 other plants in there joining to get free shipping. πŸ˜¬πŸ°πŸ•³οΈ
You need ALL the hoyas!! Lol

I was like you as well before Greg and now #ImInLoveWithAHoya 😍

Hoyas can add up, especially the unique ones, so try cuttings. Grab some fluval as the root like crazy in fluval. I just potted up 4 hoya cuttings last night.
@TheOddAsity If you really want to see some crazy Hoya collections, check out YouTube 400+Hoya Houseplant tour with Summer Rayne Oaks. She has some amazing plant videos. You will get hooked. Another great video is Hoya Collection with Steve’s Leaves. As matter of fact, SL’s has really cool videos of their greenhouse care for begonias as well. When I can’t fall sleep, I turn on the videos with the bedroom TV.
I've had the hardest time with hoyas!! Idk what I do wrong but I've had 2 carnosas that have died on me!
@StudiousWinika πŸ€—
@pothosslut I’m a research nerd. I had to read all about them before I even DARED have one at my house. 🀞🏼 From what I have read, their potting medium is the most important outside of how often you water… what did you have yours planted in, if you don’t mind me asking?
@AwesomePlants ::curtsy:: SO glad I could help!! πŸ˜‚ (and I would love to see you post about said cutting orders so that I may possibly have 10 more on the way? 😏)
@TheOddAsity neither made it past their nursery pots. I don't generally repot unless absolutely necessary. When I do I make my own mix of cactus soil, perlite, and bark which serves the majority of my plants well. (They're not listed on the app, I got bored halfway through πŸ™ƒ)
@TheOddAsity it's never ending! But...let me go finish watering because I've been not making eye contact with my 100+ plants that still need watering and shelves of cuttings that probably need potting.
I cracked and am picking up my first Hoya this weekend. I fought it for so long. I don’t even have it yet and already feel a new Hoya obsession coming! lol πŸ˜† @TheOddAsity
@SilkenGrasspea πŸ˜‚
Totally in love with Hoyas. My special girl right now is Hoya multiflora β€œShooting Star” πŸ’« 🌟. Also been in love with Krimson queen πŸ‘Έ since the day I got her.
I’ve just given up and if it’s a Hoya I buy it because I know ill love it lol
I am with all of you. I fell in love with it Hoya when I saw the flowers they are beautiful and so different then the others
@GrownFuchsia yes and pass around the funds.
@ballondusoleil beautiful
@WTHoya oh my goodness you have a beautiful collection 😍πŸ₯°πŸͺ΄ I want them 😩
@AwesomePlants cuttings don’t like me they always die. Is there a secret to it
@MariansOasis so pretty
@AwesomePlants I have a lot of Hoyas and cuttings
@FitBrowallia what kind of cuttings? And what medium are using to prop?

I've found, I prefer to prop in perlite or fluval. Hoyas and philos especially like fluval.
@AwesomePlants maybe that’s the problem I don’t know what you’re talking about. I just put it in fox farm happy frog dirt.
@AwesomePlants can you put those starter/plug plants in perlite if you wash the dirt away, @Boymom-plantmom @TheOddAsity @PlantMompy @
@FitBrowallia yes!! And bark and rock!
@FitBrowallia I even have some in glass!
@Boymom-plantmom @AwesomePlants you two started something. Now I have to find a plant πŸ§πŸ™ŒπŸ€πŸ˜
@Boymom-plantmom πŸ₯°
@FitBrowallia ABSOLUTELY! Thats what I fo with starter plants. I peel away the plug and rinse off the roots, spray with peroxide and pop in perlite or fluval to grow roots. And thank you, while taking photos for you, noticed my babes need a little drank 😬
@FitBrowallia Do it! Buy one! Lol What kind are you wanting?
@FitBrowallia πŸ€— thank you! There’s just something about a hoya that I can’t resist.
@AwesomePlants what kind of fluval do I buy
@AwesomePlants stromanthe triostar I just got one last week
@FitBrowallia they've hiked prices since so many are using now for plants. You can also see if you can find it at a pet store, I've ordered a few times off Petco.
@AwesomePlants thank you πŸ˜˜πŸ‘
@FitBrowallia also, that triostar likes humidity. If it crisps up on you, chop off, put in baggie and you'll get growth.
@TheOddAsity I purchased 6”Hanging basket Black Margin from Etsy. He will be here next week. But I got my eye on few others Lacunosa Royal Flush, Sunrise & Hoya Quinquenervia. The veiny-sun stressing ones really get me. The local shop has the Royal Flush for $45 but that’s too steep for me. I’m going to try a new seller on Etsy.
@AwesomePlants I have been hearing of fluval lately, but haven’t checked it out yet. Good to know pet stores might have it!
@Rockrlee I keep screen shotting all these new names! So when I get a chance I can go chneck them all out! What seller did you go with in Etsy?
@Boymom-plantmom and @FitBrowallia I bought a 2” Krimson Queen that just doesn’t look like it’s growing. I think I’m gonna perlite her! Thanks for letting us all be part of the convo!
@Rockrlee good luck make sure to post a picture
@TheOddAsity anytime and please continue to add to the convo
@TheOddAsity the Planted veteran has the Sunrise & Quinquenvervia & Brumleys & Bloom has the Sunrise. I’m still researching & reading reviews for both sellers.