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nanouk with less purple
hi there! my pretty nanouk doesn’t have as much purple as she used to have and starts turning more white. is it normal?
3ft to light, indirect
4” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 week ago
Mine is doing that as well. Not sure why.
I'd say that she's not getting enough light, try moving her to an east facing window where she can get at least 3 hours of sun in the morning.
From your plants profile it shows Mollie is over 6 feet way from a window and north facing. This would tell me she’s not getting enough light. Try moving her within about 3 feet of the window. But not in direct sun as that might burn her leaves. If she tolerates that you could go even closer. I’ve got mine a foot away from a north window where she looks up at the sky but no direct light and she’s nice and purple-y 😊.
I agree with the above comments, they tend to fade when they don’t have enough light.
100% needs more light! They don't mind direct sun for a bit. The more light the brighter the color.
slowly inch her to brighter light and she’ll be thriving w/ a steady watering schedule
thanks so much for your answers, i moved her and hoping it’ll help☺️

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