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I have a lot of cacutus on plant lights to help grow I live in Maine near farmington and its December we have snow and negitve weather, some sites says 10 to 14 hours of plant light then other say at lest 4 to 8 I normaly don't leave things plugged in but I don't mind leaving lights on while I sleep I just want to know how much light it needs to get I have over 20 plants and 5 more coming #GoldenBarrelCactus
6ft to light, indirect
4โ€ pot without drainage
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I have my plant lights on 12 hours a day, usually, but I think anything between 8 and 14 hours would be fine. You can always adjust if anyone seems unhappy.
I run mine 12 hr a day on my succulents that require more light. I have moved some of mine around and adjusted height of the lights. I try to mimic a long summer day.
I run most of mine for 12 hours, getting a light timer is also very useful for keeping them on a consistent schedule.