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Sad grocery store spearmint
Hi I’m bad at plants
This is a Hannaford spearmint plant I have been nursing for a bit and things have only gone down hill. The leaves have browned so I trimmed and moved it. That didn’t help. I could be over or under watering? I know her outlook is bleak but I’m curious for next time because this has become a pattern 😂
4” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 year ago
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The location of the brown gives away the cause of brown spots in your mints. Brown inner mint leaves indicate overwatering or poor water drainage. Brown spots and tips on leaves can indicate pest infestation and fungal disease. It may also be due to external factors like extreme heat and salt accumulation.
@KikiGoldblatt awesome that make sense. Thank you 💕
@CordialPothos you are very welcome.
Im no expert and I haven't ever grown mint inside before, but I have a few plants in the garden that are quite self sustaining and doing well. As a last resort you might try planting her outside?
@TheGardenOfEden maybe. I’m in an apartment and just starting my plant journey. I bought this for a recipe and figured I give her a chance. Thanks for the tip!