Posted 3M ago by @Sportylady09

William- Adjust Direction

William tends to grow or shift wherever there’s light. My old office had a ton of sunlight and the whole plant leaned towards the window.

The root is exposed now and I’m wondering what I need to do to support him.

New pot? Change rooms?

Any ideas would be awesome.
0ft to light, direct
14” pot without drainage
Last watered 1 week ago
A support pole can help support it as it grows. You can also slightly rotate it every once in awhile to keep the leaves from completely flopping to one side as it reaches for the light. Another option is to use a grow light hung above it to keep it growing vertically! It’s a beautiful plant! 🌱 @Sportylady09

Thank you so much! I have sticks I can use and I do actually have a grow light!
@Sportylady09 Perfect!!
@Sportylady09 A note on the grow light, start it on a dimmer setting if possible first just to make sure it gets adjusted to the extra brightness and doesn’t burn. Not sure what kind you have, some are more powerful than others. Speaking from experience lol πŸ˜†