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Every succulent I’ve ever had has died… I’m not sure whic...

4ft to light, direct
3” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 month ago
The 5 ft to light might be part of the issue. Most succulents LOVE the light. They drink it in. And as for watering, they store most water in their leaves so during active growth, they usually only need water about every 2 weeks depending on their environment (and mine go up to 4 weeks between watering in the winter). And they do like to dry out, so terracotta is great. But I have glazed ceramic, and I keep that in mind when I water knowing@it takes a little longer to dry out.

Also, this little lady might be an anacampseros….
@TheOddAsity gotcha. Thank you!
I am the king of the kill the succulents. My succulents I overwater them I have them in weird containers and more than anything. They turned to mush and then they die and I’ve gone through four or five and I’ve also hens and chicks and I killed those and that was very heartbreak because I really like those things I really wanted to come out so I’m gonna start back again with hands and chicks here in the next months and see how it goes but in the meantime, I’m thrilled that I haven’t at least killed him. Haven’t turned to mush 
Go to the beach and bring a bucket a couple of buckets you’re going to collect some rocks that are gonna be about half an inch by half an inch roughly. They can be flat long gated whatever.  on the beach you should say a lot of shells that have been crushed through the years from the waves, and from the birds dropping them in the air to crack them open they make great succulent containers, and and the items that you need to do succulents. I spritz my succulents once a day just very lightly just to know that they got some little bit of water and then I actually give them a more water with a spritz also but now it’s they’re getting more water so they’re gonna just get water to the bottom. It helps to have a clear glass container if you can  And any runoff, you have screened off and drain off all that water so it’s not sitting in water as one of the things that succulents do not like they will turn to mush, and they will die 
I didn’t say that right, not containers, but the succulents love those shells, and this kind of salty and kind of Just get the shells and you’ll see what I mean