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My white princess is super top heavy. I have a plant supp...

#Philodendron #WhitePrincessPhilodendron
10ft to light, indirect
4โ€ pot with drainage
Last watered 1 month ago
Hi! Your white princess philodendron has such beautiful varigation! That front leaf in the pic is stunning! ๐Ÿ˜ Most of the princess varieties of philodendrons are a type called self-heading. They're a bit more upright than vining varieties, but I find that the prince & princess cultivars usually still like to climb on something upright. This probably isn't a sign that it needs to be repotted, and is likely a normal growth pattern. If you ever don't like how top heavy it is, you can always snip the top off and propagate (I'd recommend air layering the top portion with sphagnum moss to develop the aerial roots for soil before cutting off the top). But that said, a lot of plant parents like to repot new plants after about a month of so because nursery soil can be a little too moist or there might be a piece of fabric remaining that protected the baby roots when the plant was teeny tiny. Personally, I tend to overwater, so I like to change the soil to something chunkier so that the plant drains better. If you wanted to do that, now is a great time for folks in the northern hemisphere because plants are entering their growth stage now that it is spring. Which just means that the plant will likely recover and grow new leaves. For the southern hemisphere, it might be better to wait until spring to maximize the recovery unless there's some sign that the plant is really not doing well in its current soil.
I have several top heavy plants. Even with a pole, I end up putting quartz stones in the soil as a counter weight. Despite turning them, they often do this. Make sure you use large stones if the pot is tipping. I had to go out to buy them per weight just to keep them from tipping while I retrain the plant on the pole. Crazy but true.