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What is this??

Not really sure what this is. Also found it on my strawberry plant. Just want to make sure it's as healthy as possible. #Strawberry #Strawberries #StrawberryPlant #πŸ“
10” pot
Last watered 2 months ago
Are you talking about the twig or that other orange stuff on the bottom can you describe it a little more?
The orange stuff on the bottom. Lol. Sorry for not clarifying
Based on the photo it looks like a healthy strawberry plant, onwards to the next part of this answer. I have grown strawberries for many of my years generally I've only bought one strawberry plant like it shows you have in your photo, I've never received more than a few deformed strawberries off of it. This year I bought two hanging baskets from Lowe's had three to four strawberry plants in each basket and it is producing so many strawberries and it's hard to keep up with. If you're wanting to grow lots of strawberries you may want to add a couple of more plants.
This happened to mine. I’m curious, what brand of soil is it planted in? If you don’t know, what brand is the plant?