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What kind of pots do you guys prefer? Terracotta? Glazed? Plastic? And where is a good place to get a deal on pots? I feel like I need a zillion of so many sizes as they grow… #NewGrowth
I prefer glazed terracotta. I love in a very dry climate and I find that terracotta can sometimes allow my soil to dry out a tad bit faster than I want.
For me, it all depends on the plant! I have stone, terra-cotta, glazed, unglazed, plastic, wooden, you name it!

As you get plants, you'll start to hoard the pots. You'll figure out which plant wants which type of pot.

Everywhere I go, I keep my eyes open for pots. (:
Yeah I agree with Sarah, it depends on the plant! (:
I also get most of mine on Amazon... Can usually find decent deals on there 🙂
I’m with @sarahsalith. But terracotta is the most economical. Most people don’t like to keep their plants in the nursery pot. I don’t mind them at all as long as they are in the right size. I just use a decorative cover pot to make them pretty. I find this works well for me. So I have a stash of various sizes of pots that my plants grow in and out of. Ikea is a great place for pots.
I prefer orchid pots for most aroids. I buy them from Amazon - kind of over priced but I dont know where else to get them 🤷🏼‍♀️ (help)

Im not experienced w succulents, but I immediately transferred all of mine to terracotta and have good results. I get those from the dollar or hardware stores.

For unfussy plants & propagations I just reuse old nursery pots.

For decorative pots and planters, any Homesense or similar type of similar store will have the best price and selection:)
Maybe I’m wrong, but I’ve never seen a nursery grow plants in anything other than a plastic pot, and it’s their job to grow plants 🤷‍♂️😂 I’ll be keeping my plastic pots handy, but can always stick them inside a decorative pot to hide the plastic after!
I mainly like terracotta as I’m an overwaterer. But I do try to look for different types than the standard.
Like Sarah I keep my eyes open but here’s a list of places I’ve ground some over the last couple years: Target, Marshall’s, TJMaxx, Hobby Lobby, Walmart, THD. Lowes, thrifting, pikes. & of course Amazon
Lastly I don’t buy in but I know Costco does a garden area each season.

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