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My plant used to be so tight and condensed now it’s all stringy. What do I do to fix it and why might it have done this? #PlantsMakePeopleHappy
2” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 week ago
Welcome to Greg, Victoria! 
Unless you cut it back, that's how those type of plants grow.  they can get a little unruly. (:

The plants like stonecrops just want to wander about! 
Oh! I have another one that looks pretty good - I cleaned off all the dead leaves so you can see the stems. 
@sarahsalith oh ok does it look healthy overall? I’m not sure if I should repot it or not
It's really cool- I must say.

Just be careful that you can let the soil dry since it has no drainage.

Eventually, you'll probably need to repot it. And I don't know if you mist it, but I wouldn't- it could cause the leaves to get fungus on them (succulents don't like being wet).

If you do go ahead and repot, make sure you put any pieces that break off back into the pot; they can keep growing!
In time, with proper care, they can grow their own roots and keep growing!

My burros tail started from three small stems.
@sarahsalith awesome thank you so much! If you don’t mind taking a look at my account, how are my other plants doing? I’m fairly new to this

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