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Mystery Plant ID

I have some mystery succulents that I've been trying to ID for months. Now that they've grown out some, I figured I would probe the minds of my fellow Greggers and ask what everyone thinks. There are 3 plants up for debate:

1) Echeveria Purple Pearl or a PVN
2) Echeveria Moonglow or Graptoveria A Grimm One
3) ??? Mystery Lidl Succulent, pretty sure it's an Echeveria

I'll post pictures of each plant in the comments. And before anyone says it, yes I know Google Lens exists, but the AI is only as good as the people who coded it. The first one is either a Purple Pearl or a PVN. The pictures with an "e" indicate early, or when I first got it. A "c" indicates a current picture.
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4” pot with drainage
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Plant 2! Who knows, not me, that's for sure. πŸ™ƒ

She's either an E. Moonglow or a G. Grimm One. It's been living in full sun for a month or so now, and I have seen a little bit of pink on her leaf edges. She tends to flush pink more in cooler temps.
Plant 3! She wasn't marked in the store; I have a suspicion that she's an Echeveria Violet Queen, but there are so many varieties it's hard to say. Please ignore the sad outer leaves, she was very dehydrated in the shop and is establishing herself.
@Charli3Plant Your succulents are so pretty!
@CaribbeanCanela thank you! Lots of sunshine and rain water.
Yes I do believe that is a pvn, plant 3 looks like maybe a echeveria subsessilis? Plant 2 maybe a echeveria minima ? Sorry if this doesn’t help πŸ˜… good luck & beautiful succs!
@Charli3Plant i recognize the mountain crest gardens labels lol so i just wanna say it helps a lot to go on their website and compare to the ones they have on there. if you search echeveria it'll show the ones that aren't in stock too. comparing to their photos (at least in my experience) makes it a lot easier to find a match than comparing to photos elsewhere. but sometimes all of the photos for a particular plant suck 🀷 might as well call the first a pvn cause like, going off of memory here cause if i go to google the app will reload and i'll lose your post, but the person who created the pvn hybrid distributed several of them that were slightly different so there's several slightly different types of pvns but they're all the same plant. purple pearl is one of those, iirc. so if i'm right about that it's a pvn regardless. third one looks like echeveria hercules (the etiolated growth makes it hard to tell tbh) but there could be some other echeveria i don't know about that looks similar lol. echeverias in particular can be difficult to id sometimes when they're brand new and from a grocery store since so many varieties look extremely similar and grocery store growth can look significantly different from proper conditions growth, SO just know that any id you give it now could very well end up being wrong if the plant has a significant change in appearance down the line
@GenteelPigfern Yeah, most of them are from MCG πŸ˜‚

I've compared Plant 2 to all of their pictures and I swear these plants are just the same species. Barely any difference except for coloring, and even that is questionable.
That first one really looks like a PVN. Idk about the others, though.
I agree that plant 1 is an Echeveria PvN. At least it (C) is a dead ringer for mine that I bought 10 years ago as E. PvN.

Plant 2 - all I can wish you is luck. I've got one nearly identical that I've been trying to ID for... 15 years? I bought it at my neighborhood Ace, without a label. Your option of 'Moonglow' I ran across a few days ago, but it was ID'd as a Graptoveria and not Echeveria - same blue-aqua with pink tips coloring, except the flowers were completely different than how mine flowers. And I'd thought Moonglow was going to be it. So that might be another option for ID -- the flowers. If yours has flowered.

Good luck!