Posted 1M ago by @CleanSeamango

Hi! I just recently got this pinstripe calathea, delivere...

2ft to light, indirect
6” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 month ago
@CleanSeamango Was it already curled when you purchased it? If so, perhaps it's the newest of the leaves in the unfurling process. They can be slow to unfurl.

If it was an open leaf that is curling, make a humidity dome for your plant by putting a large plastic container over it, or a large ziplock bag. Clear or only slightly opaque works best for the dome. Then set it off to the side of the lighted area for 24 hours and you should see some improvement.
Hi @CleanSeamango!🌱
You got the Beauty StarπŸ˜„πŸŒŸ (not the Pinstripe, almost the same but, you knowπŸ€“).

I think you should listen to @UltraKoreanfir's advice, they are really loving high humidity! I would guess that is the main problem here. And as far as I have understood, the misting doesn't really help much but to invite fungi to take a host on your leaves😳

I got most of my calatheas in a cabinet that maintains 50-60% humidity, or near a humidifyer. But I know that my Pinstripe is still not satisfied.. don't know if the Beauty Star is just as dramatic🫣πŸͺ΄

And since you just got this plant, it might need some time to acclimate to your house. You might need some trying and failing to find the proper care for this one (they all have their preferencesπŸͺ΄). Just make sure the soil does not stay too wet for too long. Don't water until the top inch of the soil is dry, but never let it dry completly out πŸ’šπŸŒ±
Thank you! I am trying the bag trick currently and I hope that helps but I think at this point that leaf is too far gone lol. And I will stop misting since I didn't know that could cause issues. I appreciate your help guys. I have also been keeping it close to a humidifier