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Spider plants!
I have many plants and have acquired quite the green thumb over the years after decades of killing every plant I touched. I have mastered many but for some reason I always end up killing spider plants! One of the "simple" ones.
I need any advice on spider plants, what they love, require, and how to tend to them.
I found a lushes, big, beautiful, full, and bright spider plant for $15 I couldn't pass up... 😭😭 Help me, please πŸ™ƒβ€οΈ #spiderplant #spiderplanttips #tips #tricks #spiderplantcare #care
Keep your cats away from it! My 😻😻 love the hallucinogenic effects.
This is mine finally thriving in a South window.
Literally ignore it. I have 9, all within 3 feet of a shaded window with various light. I use a 2:1 mix of potting soil to succulent soil and most are in terracotta pots. I water them once every week/week and a half. All are pretty happy.
Girl, same! Spider plants are my enemies and it’s so hard for me to keep them alive usually. They are finally doing well and growing and getting babies after having them for over a year. The only thing that has changed is that I changed them to succulent soil and now completely ignore them. When I think it’s time to water, I ignore it for a couple more days. Mine love to almost completely dry out. I also mist them whenever I walk by them so I don’t get crispy ends.

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