Posted 6M ago by @FruitLoop29

Not sure why she’s unhappy...
Tina has been declining the past couple weeks. Her leaves seem to be thinner and drying out. The ends are brown and I’ve noticed a couple black dots on the backs of some leaves
Any ideas/suggestions? #GregGang #PLANTMAFIA #CalatheaCrew
7ft to light, indirect
9” pot with drainage
Last watered 4 months ago
are you watering it with tap water? calatheas can be picky about some of the chemicals in tap water
@RJG yes I am. I didn’t realise that. What’s best to do as I don’t have a filter or anything
Water with distilled water or let the water sit out for 24 hrs to let some of the chemical dissipate
@FruitLoop29 i use rain water. Distilled water is good too
@Samijohanson thank you! I’ll try it
@RJG awesome. Thank you so much
This looks a lot like thrips damage - the black spots may be poop! The whitish lines are where they’ve sucked the juices out the leaf. I’d separate it from your other plants ASAP and look into treatments - I personally have used spinosad spray with success, and I water with rainwater with a mosquito dunk soaked in it. Both are bacterial methods of pest control and should be effective against thrips, but it takes weekly treatments for at least a month.
@Nataleaf thank you! I’ll definitely look into it
How is your Calathea doing? Perhaps the plant wants more humidity? Mine did. My calatheas have been popping out new leafs like crazy! I keep them in a “green house” (a tiered shoe rack, pee gravel and water in a tray - humidity trays, and crystal clear shower curtain) by the south window. I hope your plant is doing better!
@CultivateLove she seems to be much better thanks. She’s in a humid room and I mist her a couple times a week. She’s still suffering from thrips but I’m treating them as best as I can so fingers crossed she survived the winter
@FruitLoop29 great to hear. 🤞🏻 keep giving her good light and love, she will overcome!
@Nataleaf wow that’s great tips!
@Vinxy2 thank you! sadly I only know from experience. Thrips are a nightmare. 😭
@Nataleaf I’ve only had to deal with spider mites & mealy bugs sondar but I’ve seen what they have destroyed. It’s scary.

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