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question for the bunny ears cactus
so I just got my first plant and it's a bunny ears cactus and as I was researching, I found a page specifying how strict they were with temperature in winter (saying they could die at early spring if not kept at right temperature), I live in a hot country and we don't have winter so I wonder if I should worry about it, I don't want my cactus to die #bunnyearscactus #cactusclique
3” pot
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@sarahsalith Cacti in general (with a few exceptions) are very sensitive to freezing temperatures. If the temps dip below freezing, the cells will burst and that’s not something the plant can recover from. They’re desert plants so they looooove hot temps, and as long are your area doesn’t freeze, you’re in good shape!
Welcome to Greg, Pato!

I'm sorry you are having troubles with your cactus. If you click on the link #BunnyEarsCactus, you'll see other people's posts about the plant.

I believe @kscape and @Kiersten have had experience with these cacti. (:
Your kiki looks healthy and happy. I’ve got one but I’m a newbie with him. My gut tells me that Kiki will be ok but Im not an expert at all! I agree with @sarahsalith …she has pointed you in the right direction by putting out the “Batman call” to the two people she tagged.
Welcome to Greg! You’re going to love it here. 💚
Pato, if you edit your post to include #CactusClique, you'll reach an amazing amount of folks who love their prickly plants.

Maybe they can help you out. 💚
Looks like you don't have to worry about it, Pato! 😁
Sorrry for the late reply! @sarahsalith @EternalTeatree do you live in Colombia? I recognized Barranquilla😊

There’s nothing to worry if you don’t have cold winters! If anything, it seems like your cactus may enjoy its new home 🌵☀️
omg thank yall you are so nice 😭💕 I can now rest in peace it won't be any problem, and yes I do live in Colombia!
No your fine

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