Posted 2w ago by @emilyguthrie

Why are the leaves curling?
Not sure why some of the leaves are curling like this- anyone have an idea? Let me know thanks! If it helps I have it in a south facing window with some shade so it gets great lighting almost all day and I water it whenever the app tells me too. Should I be misting it more to help the humidity maybe?
Leaves on a prayer plant can curl if the soil is too dry.
@Pegster good to know thank you! I’ll check the soil more often throughout the week incase I need to water it more often
I would keep your plant on a regular watering schedule as you are doing. Check the soil in between waterings to see if it is still moist. You could also mist. The soil should not be too dry.
I totally agree with @Pegster

These plants love humidity, too!
This could be an under watering issue or a low humidity issue!

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