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Help!!! My plant is dying! It’s leaves are turning yellow and dying and I have no clue what to do. I got it a while ago and it has been slowly dying since then. It’s a Camille plant.

The causes of yellowed leaves in camellias can be fungal diseases and a virus. The predominant funguses that present with yellowing leaves are phytophthora cinamomi root rot, and yellow mottle leaf virus. The more serious problem fungus known to cause yellowing leaves and root rot is phytophthora cinamomi.

There is no chemical treatment for this disease: just prune out the affected parts. Overwatering Root death leads to reduced uptake of nutrients. Cutting down on watering and applying a foliar feed may save the plant.
These guys want some light! It doesn’t have to be bright
Positive plant thoughts headed your way! 🌱🌱🌱
I would also remove the wicking and let it dry out so I could check the roots and remove anything rotten. Good luck

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