Posted 1M ago by @TitanicOxtongue

Pink Princess - yellowing

In the last week Eva has started yellowing on two of her large leaves, both yellowing leaves are coming from the back stem system. My water gauge says soil is moist, not wet. Any ideas? Should I leave them or cut?
7” pot with drainage
Last watered 4 days ago
Hi April! Can you tell me a little more about the plant and conditions? Does the pot have drainage? What type of medium are you using? What’s your watering schedule? Have you tested the soil with your finger to make sure the meter is accurate? It appears to be planted directly in this pot. How big was the root ball when you potted? With the yellowing my first thoughts would be overwatering, no drainage, wrong medium, not enough light, or any combo of the above. I’ve got mine in a clear pot (helps to check the soil and root conditions without disturbing the plant. I also have it in a pot that’s just a little larger than the roots, if the pot is too large you risk soil retaining water causing root rot. She’s a few feet away from a window receiving about 7-8 hours of indirect light per day. And I’ve got it in a chunky mix because they don’t like wet roots. I hope this helps!