Posted 9M ago by @MushroomQueen

Looks Dull

Any idea what’s going on with my Hurricane Fern? I moved it to my sunroom since it didn’t seem to love the AC blowing on it but now it looks dull and crispy. It’s not crazy hot in here and it only gets 1-2 hours of direct sun.
0ft to light, indirect
6” pot with drainage
Last watered 4 months ago
In my experience, ferns don't like direct sun at all, so it might be getting fried from too much sun exposure. I would mist it a bit, and move it to a less direct spot.
(Also you were correct about it not liking the AC)
@MushroomQueen agree with @EarthBurrito no direct sun ☀️. Also your profile shows no drainage. If that’s accurate then it needs to be repotted to something with drainage. Water has probably accumulated in the bottom of the pot and the fern responds with browning leaves. Ferns are epiphytes and do not like wet roots. If it is in a pot with drainage then the browning leaves may just be a response to getting dried out from when it was near the air conditioning or too much direct light. It’s a beautiful plant! Love the 👀😄🤪
@MariansOasis I just double checked and it DOES have drainage, maybe I just missed that when I added the plant, I’ll update that. I moved the plant to a different part of the sunroom where I don’t think it gets any direct sunlight. It’s hard to tell because it’s very cloudy today. Thanks!
I agree with @EarthBurrito. You have moved her from direct sunlight, she will recover. You can trim off the brown parts.