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Why do I keep having yellow tips on my leaves?
This peace lily is originally from my parents cold, dry home. It’s always had yellow tips. My dad repotted it (it outgrew it’s original pot) and I removed dead growth. My dad does not have a green thumb 😅

Unfortunately he used some old, random soil from the yard that was filled with soil gnats. 🥵 After 3 weeks, I’ve gotten rid of every soil gnat ✨🙌🏼 and put the plant on a good watering schedule…But it still has yellow tips!

What is causing the yellow tips!?

Today- he’s in a warm home with a humidity level of 40-60%. He gets watered on a schedule now. He gets roughly 1-3 hr of direct sunlight (south facing window) and tons of indirect light.

I really thought the bigger pot, watering schedule, warm home, humidity and sunlight situation would be enough!

Do I need to fertilize or add new soil?

3ft to light, direct
17” pot with drainage
Last watered 2 days ago
Peace lilies are low light plants, they like the west and north facing windows. If humidity is not the problem, it could be chemicals in the water. Try leaving your water out for a few days, or use rain water.
Also I wouldn’t water on a schedule. Peace lilies like water, but they don’t like to sit in it. I would just water one the leaves get droopy. Peace lilies are amazing at telling you what they need. Good luck ☺️
@SummerLily07 thank you! I definitely am monitoring the soil for dryness and leaves for droopyness! I’ve tried to move the plant into different spots around the apt- but I keep reading mixed info about it’s ideal light
I had to switch to distilled for the same reason and that seemed to fix the problem. You will have to cut the tips off if they bother you as they will not go green again.
Don’t water till soil has dried and low light is better!
@missmichelex Ridiculous question… But how do you get distilled water? Did you have to buy like a machine or filter for it?
@user57179bb0 Thank you!
@Vegaroundtheworld yes I have to buy it by the gallon but if I run out I use filtered water from my Brita filter. Might be a more economical way to do it too.
@Vegaroundtheworld just boil your regular tap water and let it cool!!!
@SummerLily07 they’re a little dramatic like this. Haha. Totally agree, they’ll let YOU know when they want water.
@Vegaroundtheworld @missmichelex if you just leave the water out for a few days, this will help removed chemicals from tap water.
@Rayme yes I have heard that too thanks!
Fill a bucket of water up and leave it for a day or two. Way cheaper than buying water. I love peace Lilly’s bc they are dramatic and do tell you when they need water. Trim the brown tips off and water when droopy or right before droopy.
@Vegaroundtheworld you can buy it by in most grocery stores, CVS, Target, Walmart, etc. look where they sell water in gallon jugs, it’ll say Distilled on the label.

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