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My leaves are yellowing and drooping

I follow the watering instructions (1/2 cup per week) and it’s not in direct sunlight but does get some sunlight. Should I water it more or less? Should I give it more sun?
Last watered 1 month ago
you could be underwatering? what i find works best for most of my plants is to soak the plant until i see water coming out of the drainage holes (or bottom water until surface is wet to the touch) and then let it fully dry out before watering again. let me know if doing this helps!! good luck!
If you’re watering 1/2 cup per week and there is no drainage, that might be why. I’d recommend drainage holes in the bottom of your pot, you can place the pot with drainage into a cover pot that doesn’t, but then the excess water can still drip out.

These plants like to stay moist, but not wet; because of that they need really good drainage throughout their soil, to create air pockets throughout the soil. They do like light, just not direct sunlight, as in they don’t want to see the sun in the sky, but they want to see the light; especially with this one’s variegation, it needs light. οΏΌ

Greg is an AI plant app, it learns by how you interact with it. If the soil is still wet when you’re being notified to water, press snooze instead of water and Greg will remind you again in a few days, by doing that, it will learn the right watering rhythm for your plants.