Posted 6M ago by @taylorsjungle

cactus id?
can anyone help me pinpoint the id on this little cactus? i bought it unlabeled from a cactus & succulent shop, & the id greg gave it doesnt seem right. i chose simpson hedgehog cactus as a guess for now 🀨🌡
2” pot with drainage
Last watered 22 hours ago
From what I can see, it looks like from mammillaria species.. I guess it's mammillaria spinosissima, but maybe I'm wrong. But you can try Google about this.
@taylorsjungle it is a mammollaria, but it looks like (according to Google lens) a zeilmanniana to me.
@taylorsjungle here is what Google lens said.
I second some Mammillaria species! Cacti can be near impossible to ID to the species level until they flower. Most Mammillaria species have the same care needs so you should be in good shape regardless of which you choose!
@Kiersten thank you!!
@dzaar thank you!
@KikisOasis thank you :)

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