Posted 1M ago by @Dragonfly15

I’m a novice so no laughing please…should I repot/replant...

1ft to light, direct
10” pot without drainage
Last watered 1 week ago
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Hi! No need to tie them together we unless you just want the look.
Use distilled water not tap water and maybe it’s getting too much sunlight by that window and I’d say cut off the brown
Thank you! Do you think I should tie the stalks together? Or doesn’t matter?
@RealSimpleMama thanks!
@Dragonfly15 no one on here will ever laugh at a question being asked. How else is one supposed to learn except by asking questions?
As for repotting, it looks like the roots have pretty well filled out the container it's in so yes you could repot. And yes you absolutely can split up the stalks into different containers if you so choose.
Like @Heidy said, you can remove the brown parts if it's unsightly but no, you don't necessarily have to worry about the brown parts if there's healthy green growth coming from it. Older parts/leaves of plants die off to make room for new growth.
Hope this helps and Good Luck 🍀
Thank you so much!!! I didn’t split up but cleaned/fresh distilled water (learned how to make☺️) did cut the brown but replanted the green parts. It is fuller looking, I like that, but may have to split off eventually I guess because of the roots.