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What’s going on with my Pilea?
I use distilled water, grow lights and the pot has good drainage. I was out of town for the weekend and came back to these weird grey patches all over the plant 😬 #Pilea
5ft to light, indirect
4” pot with drainage
Last watered 13 hours ago
Do you have a draft in your room?
I’m new to this plant and it came with a brown leaf and eventually they almost all turned brown and a lot fell off but then there was new growth where each leaf fell off so it wasn’t the worst thing. I know it’s been a battle finding its happy place but it seems to turn brown in a second if it’s at all thirsty or overwatered, or to much sun, or not enough sun. It definitely requires more water than the other plants and prefers a shower over a butt chug and prefers the grow lamp over the sun. Have you had it long?? I know they go dormant in the winter so it very well could just be shedding old leaves to push energy towards new growth
Thank you! It’s fairly new to me so I haven’t quite figured out it’s needs yet, but I’ll try the shower thing!
@Amsetting I don’t think so! Is that something to look out for?
@moodytropical this did happen to me with one.

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